about transversal talks

Observations with facet eyes. Infinitely shimmering.
About behaviour, communications, marketing & advertising and ideating topics.
A transversal initial assessment based on experience, knowledge and in connection to methods and theories as well as on different competences and expertise of the two authors.

Idea: The meaning of transversal is linked to the fields of competence, knowledge and didactics.

  • From implicit knowledge from a child to a youngster (1)
  • via education (2)
  • and further education (3)
  • into all possible collaborations and interdisciplinary evidence-based work (4)
  • to the transversal field* (5) of «transferable skills» – and mutually enriching blocks of experience.

*As an example: Transdisciplinary group work, changing roles and in-residence experiences in departments outside one’s own knowledge complete one’s own «employability» as well as participation ability
> «Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness» (Laloux, 2014).

Articles: A topic is illuminated by two authors through experience, observation and few references. No recipes, exemplary insights or avalanches of literature. No right or wrong. Crispy snapshots that polarize. To invite everyone into a learning landscape to discover fragments of knowledge according to their own truth and to construct them individually.

Authors: Two authors who put the topic on stage from their own point of view and in her free, unconditionally welcome writing style in the article. Some ping pong, cabbages and carrots, unfinished works refreshing to the reader. Synapse formation through the fusion of the two author’s expertise into a hybrid touching raw format. In the spirit of the archetype of prototyping, which still drives people to discoveries today.

About Maurice «COD ROX» Codourey
codourey.rocks based in Zurich
In 1993, a course instructor wildcard from the Zurich Adult Education Department set a didactic avalanche in motion with the very first course «Discovering new linguistic territory». The master’s programme in didactics, the initiation and implementation of the Swiss Federal Certificate in Copywriting, an INSEAD Executive Programme and the own #Reciprocality study on Ideating in the Design Thinking Process interfere with teaching in Switzerland, Poland and Romania. Keynotes, disruption in healthcare, transversal innovation shaping in communication included.
Result: The COD ROX © knowledge warp.